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Preserving The Future For All

Sustainability Pillars

  • Environmental
  • Economic
  • Social

Safe. Inclusive. Supportive.

Sustainability Goals and Initiatives

Keystone Industries has its sights set towards the future. The mark is high but so are the stakes. Read below to learn about our current projects and future goals.

Keystone Cares

Some of our current charitable initiatives involve visiting Children’s Hospitals, donating essential products, supporting tuition for education, and financial donations to Boys and Girls Clubs. Our future goal is to dedicate 1% of our gross sales to improving our community.

Research & Development

Keystone Industries developed a fingernail care line of bio-based nail lacquer, accessories, and removers, and will continue to develop more eco-friendly chemistries and packaging options.

Solar Panel Installation

At our Global Headquarters, Solar Panels will generate 2.5 million KWh, enough to power 230 homes, and are equivalent to reducing power plant carbon dioxide emissions by > 3.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide. Our future plans include implementing solar power at our other facilities.

Carbon Footprint

Keystone has taken steps to reduce energy consumption and convert to renewable energy sources, with the long-term goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

Green Team

All our US manufacturing facilities have a “Green Team” to implement and promote sustainability initiatives. They have revamped recycling programs, implemented waste governance and reduction processes, and converted to LED lighting.