Our Story

“We are committed to the goal of total customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to the achievement of this goal by meeting or exceeding our customer expectations for product quality, competitive pricing and prompt delivery and customer service.”

-Keystone Industries Mission Statement

The Beginning
  • 1970's

    1970's - The First Steps

    The Robinson family purchases Pennsylvania-based National Keystone, and New York-based Mycone Dental.

  • 1980's

    1980's - Dental Expansion

    Mizzy, Mission Dental, Syrijet, and Tri-Dynamics Dental Co. Inc. join the dental umbrella, greatly expanding Keystone’s dental presence.

  • 1990's

    1990's - In-House Manufacturing

    Keystone Industries quickly identifies the value of becoming a self-supporting manufacturer. Breaking from convention, we begin developing and manufacturing our own polymers and monomers.

  • 1993

    1993 - Keystone Research and Pharmaceutical

    Recognizing the potential of UV-cured gels, Keystone Research and Pharmaceutical is founded to explore the fullest extent of the material. Pioneering the use of UV gels in cosmetics, Keystone Research and Pharmaceutical use the material in nail coatings long before it becomes an industry standard.

  • 1996

    1996 - Keystone Europe

    Keystone Research and Pharmaceutical’s success leads to a European division based in The Netherlands, bringing Keystone Industries to the global stage.

  • 2000

    2000 - Custom Production and Packaging

    With the acquisition of T&S Plastics, Keystone Industries broadens its expertise in injection molding and extrusion. This allows us to bring customized production and packaging to the cosmetic, dental, and medical fields.

  • 2003

    2003 - Dental Resources

    With the acquisition Dental Resources, Keystone Industries introduced favorites such as Pro-Form mouthguard laminates and the Machine III vacuum former to its extensive dental lineup. This acquisition also increased our injection molding capabilities.

  • 2009

    2009 - Keystone Vet

    Keystone Vet is created, focusing on medical pet care and grooming needs.

  • 2012

    2012 - Branching Out

    With the procurement of Deepak Products Inc, Keystone Industries expands its dental and medical operations into over-the-counter and FDA-regulated solutions.

  • 2012

    2012 - Keystone Industries Headquarters

    Keystone Industries purchases a 250,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing space in Gibbstown, New Jersey, its corporate headquarters and the flagship hub of its main business operations.

  • 2013

    2013 - Polychromatic

    Keystone Industries introduces Polychromatic, its nail laquer division. Polychromatic focuses on contract manufacturing and full turnkey services.

  • 2013

    2013 - Interfilling

    Keystone Europe establishes Interfilling, a labeling, packing, and filling production company based in The Netherlands.

  • 2014

    2014 - Bosworth Company

    Keystone Industries acquires the Bosworth Company, expanding its offerings to all areas of the dental industry. Keystone becomes a comprehensive manufacturer for all aspects of operative, hygiene, and preventive care.

  • 2014

    2014 - Enamelite

    With the acquisition of Enamelite, Keystone Industries expands its specialized filling capabilities to include both wet and dry aerosol.

  • 2015

    2015 - Centre 7

    Centre 7 joins the Keystone Family, expanding our global distribution capabilities with white glove turnkey filling from the heart of France’s Cosmetic Valley.

  • 2017

    2017 - Makeup My Cosmetics

    Keystone Industries expands into the world of private label manufacturing for face, eye, and lip color cosmetics with the addition of Makeup My Cosmetics.